Our Founder & CEO

Prestina Yarrington, CEO, Sarah Jane and Lomas Beauty

Our founder, Prestina Yarrington, cosmetology trained with over 25 years of experience in corporate America, created Sarah Jane and Lomas Beauty to close a gap that exists when it comes to making premium products available that work on all textures of hair. Many of the products on the market are specific to one or two hair types and do not address the unique needs of varied curl patterns, density, porosity, and styling preferences. Along with a lack of access and availability, this creates a barrier for those seeking healthy options for beauty. 

That's why we exist. At Sarah Jane and Lomas, we are more than just a beauty brand - we are a passion-driven movement. We understand the struggles that arise when hair care products for textured hair are formulated in a one size fits all model that do not consider the specific needs or concerns of individual variances. Or when beauty products lack inclusivity in shades, moisture levels or cultural nuances. It's essential to make healthy, inclusive products accessible for a growing multi-ethnic community.  Protecting overall health by eliminating ingredients that cause long term challenges while producing quality products that work is our priority. 

Throughout Prestina's successful career as a corporate executive in global talent acquisition, most recently for one of the world's top 3 tech companies, she leverages her skills in identifying exceptional individuals, building diverse teams, and fostering a culture of excellence.

It is her deep passion for beauty and styling that has guided her back to her true calling. Drawing from her professional background and expertise, Prestina recognizes the importance of bringing together a team of exceptional individuals who intimately understand the needs of textured hair multi-ethnic beauty and share her commitment to excellence. This is Prestina's lifelong dream and a vital part of her purpose and legacy.

Our vision is to create high-quality, premium hair care products crafted by individuals who look like and live the experiences of those using them. We are dedicated to being a visible entity and a key player in the Beauty Industry.

When you join the Sarah Jane and Lomas family, you're embracing excellence. We're committed to being a part of your everyday beauty journey, offering premium products that meet your unique needs and empower you to embrace your natural beauty with confidence.

Together, let's continue to redefine the standards of beauty and create a brighter, more inclusive future. Cheers to excellence in beauty!

Welcome to Sarah Jane and Lomas!