About Us

Sarah Jane & Lomas, affectionately known as SJL Beauty is a Natural, Organic, and Plant-Derived Beauty Brand that provides a wide range of premium beauty, hair, and personal care products.  Our line of styling products focuses on the unique needs of those with coarse, coily, curly, and wavy textured hair, while being suitable for all hair types. 

SJL believes in inclusivity and versatility. Our gender-neutral products are for everyone. We like to coin the phrase, "formulated for Women, Men and the kids too"We understand the importance of simplifying personal care routines, which is why many of our multi-use formulas can be used interchangeably on both hair and skin and regardless of gender. Embrace the convenience of reducing product usage while enjoying the benefits of our plant-derived solutions.

Join our community and embrace the transformative power of nature. 

We look forward to "growing together".

Sarah Jane & Lomas Beauty